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If you’re like me, seeing sufficient funds in your account balance gives a sense of security. At least, you know that you can confidently foot every bill that comes your way. Would you love to attain this level of financial freedom?

Robby Blanchard, ClickBank’s number one affiliate marketer is set to show you how to make thousands of dollars online every day with Commission Hero

What is Commission Hero About?

Commission Hero is a tried and proven system that helps you to generate income through 3 easy steps. This system psychologically compels people to buy from you even if they don’t want the product immediately. 

When you sign up for Commission Hero, Robby Blanchard will teach you how to rake in a minimum of $1000 every day through affiliate marketing. You can do this from the comfort of your home, on transit, at the grocery store, or just anywhere. 

The system is easy to replicate because everything has been done for you, including the landing page. You will be trained on how to run a successful Facebook ad even if you have don’t have previous knowledge of digital marketing.

As soon as you gain financial freedom with this system, as Robby promises, you can even quit your 9 to 5 job. Finally, you will be able to control your time and create the future you want to see.

Robby Blanchard is a top earner on ClickBank, a marketplace for product owners and affiliate marketers. He owns Blanchard Media and offers several services such as private consulting, coaching, speaking engagements, and campaign management.

Robby was a personal trainer because he wanted to help people to meet their fitness goals. In fact, he still does this through his CrossFit gym. 

After 5 years of trying various money-making strategies, Robby is convinced that he will help 10,000 people to succeed financially in 2022. You can click here to get started on this exciting journey to financial freedom.

Who is Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero is for you if you:

  • Are motivated and want to build a REAL business
  • Are tired of the “man-trap” 9 to 5 job and want to make real progress
  • Desire financial freedom

Robby clearly states that he isn’t interested in “tire kickers”. So, to be a part of this system, you should be hungry for success and willing to stick out there until you become soooooo successful.

What Does Commission Hero Cost?

To register for Commission Hero, you have two options: 

  • Make a one-time payment of $2497 and get an instant discount of $491
  • Pay in three installments, $997 30 days apart

Note that Commission Hero has a “no refund” policy.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will gain when you come on board:

6 Week LIVE MasterClass. The core 6 week live masterclass is designed to get you to become a pro in your online
business by giving you access to all the help, coaching, resources and DFY software to virtually guarantee your success.

Full Access to Commission Hero 2.0 Automation Tools. You’ll have access to custom built tools Robby Blanchard has developed, like a software that writes your ad copy and set up your ads within 30 seconds. A software systems to find hidden audiences of buyers on Facebook that can triple your profit on your ads.

The Traffic Money Magnet. This is where Robby shares his step by step blueprint for getting profitable traffic to
your offers to achieve the goal of making hundreds of sales per day. He even goes further to share his 4 step phase program to scaling any advertsing campaign.

Access To 7 Figure Offers. To relieve you of the boring and time-consuming process of product research, Robby has brokered exclusive deals with the highest converting offers, so you’ll get paid the highest commissions on these exclusive offers. These offers generate $100-$400 PER sale.

Rapid Scale Training. In this module, Robby shows you how to scale winning ad campaigns. You’ll learn how to go from zero to spending thousands a day profitably in less than 30 days.

Lead Gen Gold Mine Training. Do you want to make money WITHOUT having to sell anything? In this module, Robby reveals how you can make $100’s even $1000’s per day by sending leads to an offer…aka getting paid without having to make a sale! He even breaks down the most profitable offers and niches to focus on…thereby taking the guesswork out of your success.

Full access to the Commission Hero private coaching group worth $2997. This is where you can ask all your questions, share your small and big wins, and get practically any kind of support you need.

The total value of Commission Hero is $$30,982 but Robby is giving it away at $2497 if you make a one-time payment. That’s not all, if you join now, you will get the following bonuses:

Ad Images Worth $1997. This gives you access to over 1000 images from Robby’s personal library that made millions of dollars for him. You can use them as inspiration to create more images.

7 Figure Landing Pages. These are landing pages that Robby used to make millions of dollars on Facebook. It
eliminates trial and error, so you can go ahead and use it the way it is.

Full Access To SPYHERO. Spying on winning ads is one of the secrets to success in this business. As a bonus for
joining, Robby will pay for your first 30 days of membership to Spy Hero so you can start spying on winning ads on day 1!

Full Access To Cometly. Cometly is one of the best and easiest to use tracking system on the planet. You need to
have good tracking and accurate numbers to be able to scale winning campaigns, so Robby has decided to pay for your first 30 days of Cometly if you act now.

Access to Commission Hero Next Virtual Event. If you take action to join Commission Hero 2.0 today, you’ll get access to 2 full days of insider training and coaching to increase website traffic and sales from experts who are making millions per year online.

The total value of these bonuses is $23670. The bonuses are limited by time, so take advantage of this opportunity to improve your chances for success. Click here to get started today.

Pros of Commission Hero

  • Robby teaches what he has done consistently for 5 years. He has also been in the fitness business and the products he promotes as an affiliate marketer are related to that niche. So, you can rest assured that you’re not being misled.
  • The course offers so much value that the course fee looks like a steal.
  • You get access to email marketing training.

Cons of Commission Hero

  • You can’t request a refund unless you took the course and tried everything for 12 months but couldn’t get results.
  •  If your resources are limited, you may not be able to access the course.

Commission Hero Testimonials

Here are some success stories of Commission Hero students…




Commission Hero is not for everyone. If you want to make money online but you’re not willing to pay the price, then forget about it. 

If you want to stand on the shoulder of a giant who has results to show in affiliate marketing, then Commission Hero is for you. So, take action now, and don’t let anything stop you.

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