The Millionaire Within Her Docuseries

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Millionaire Within Her Docuseries

Join us now to catch this exciting event by Women, for Women — All about women’s worth and wealth.  The largest transfer of wealth is happening to women… Will you be counted in? Or counted out? Find out more at the Millionaire Within her Docuseries.

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Don’t miss this remarkable and courageous event. It’s all about money… With the unique characteristics of a woman. It’s a life-changing movement for women like you.

What Is the Millionaire Within Her Docuseries?

The Millionaire Within Her is the latest series Kristi is hosting, and it’s all about women empowerment and money.

An in-depth documentary with the industry’s top female leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches to explore the relationship between women, money, self-love, power, and how to step into their potential as leaders in 2022.

It features fearless women from around the world, The Millionaire Within Her spotlights stories of collaboration, creativity, intuition, nurturing, strength, trailblazing, and wisdom. And of course… money.

See how women across the globe are pushing the envelope of innovation, business growth, and financial success like never before.

Watch and discover how women can earn more, lead more, influence more… BE more than they ever thought possible.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover During The Millionaire Within Her

  • What others are doing to go from $0 to tens of thousands in new income per month
  • How women are collaborating to build new ideas.
  • How you too can use your unique skills to tap into the Millionaire Within Her YOU!

Meet The Host of The Millionaire Within Her


Kristi Frank, host of The Millionaire Within Her

Kristi Frank, who was picked out of 250,000 candidates to be an entrepreneur on Season 1 of NBC’s ‘The Apprentice,’ is well-known for assisting businesses in developing, opening, and growing their operations.

This business and health/fitness genius has built a thriving raw foods restaurant from the bottom up while running her own real estate investment business in Los Angeles. Kristi has featured on every major network TV show, including ‘MSNBC,’ ‘Oprah,’ and ‘The View,’ and has since helped entrepreneurs all over the world alter their lives and businesses.

She is currently pursuing her entrepreneurial drive by investing in venture capital and other company ventures.

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